Work report for January and February


January and February became a very busy period for "Enjoying Life". We planned many events for our wards, and even implemented some of them. Like speed dating for Valentine's Day. But what happened in the projects these two months?

"Enjoying Life: Lunch". 9 restaurants joined the partnership. Ba and Di received help in the form of food, fruit, sweets. And for Valentine's Day, volunteers prepared gifts for them. Balls with hearts, heart cookies, valentines and other trinkets - everything made them smile.

"Enjoying Life: Work". 8 hardworking people found a job, about 200 more attend trainings and lectures to acquire job search skills. They master LinkedIn, learn communication skills, train for interviews, write resumes and learn English. They work in groups with a psychologist, individually with a career consultant.

"Enjoying Life: Modeling". In two months, 41 shootings were conducted. You could see them in shootings of brands of clothes and shoes and accessories, for communications of establishments for Valentine's Day. And also in filming for a manufacturer of health bars and a confectionery.

"SEnjoying life: space for senior". Organized 140 events for his wards. Among them: dancing, sports, yoga, painting, various formats of therapy from a psychologist, lectures and much more. Lovers of life regularly visit the space to play games and chat.

"Enjoying Life: Nearby". Delivered food packages to elderly people in the Kherson region. We were able to purchase these sets thanks to the contributions of great-grandchildren and partners. He supported his partners with fuel, handed over food kits and warm blankets to people in Kharkiv region and Donetsk region. Hygiene products for lonely elderly people in Sumy Oblast.

"Enjoying life: House nearby". Two families settled in Medvynska hromada. Now they are adapting and settling in a new place. Children are settled in kindergarten and school, parents are going to go to work. The project involved psychologists to provide support to families.

We are proud of the work we have done and the people who love life for whom and with whom we do it. We thank the partners with whom we entered this year and the tireless work of volunteers. We thank the Defense Forces of Ukraine, because we are able to do all this, change the perception of age and support Ba and Di.

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