Results of the fund's work in December


December is a month full of events. This is the period when everything is sprinkled with the magic of the approach of Christmas and snow. For "Zhyttyelyuba", December is also a month of summing up and pleasant meetings. We were glad to see volunteers at the event and we feel the same emotions from the results we get.

"Enjoying Life: Lunch". The project and its partners worked not only on delicious dinners for Ba and Di, but also on their festive mood. They received food packages from us and gifts from partners.

"Enjoying Life: Work". He celebrated the graduation of the "Hardworking Academy" and handed out diplomas to 33 hardworking people. The project continues to provide career counseling to the most active boys and girls, and also organizes classes and regular meetings with a psychologist.

"Enjoying life: space for senior". It is actively replenished with new measures and activities. Among the 56 conducted activities were: yoga, art therapy, meetings with a psychologist, English and much, much more. With invited volunteers, lovers of life dreamed about what the next year would be like.

Agency "Enjoying Life: Modeling". 21 models took part in 20 shootings, including: a sports app, famous Ukrainian clothing and footwear brands, and a cosmetics brand. As well as educational materials in the field of cryptocurrency.

"Enjoying Life: Nearby". Thanks to reliable partners, 3,500 people from the frontline areas were helped. Sanitary kits were handed over to Zakitne and Ozerne villages in Donetsk region, and tablets for water purification were handed over to Chasiv Yar. Food packages were sent to Kharkiv region. Food kits for people whose property was destroyed after the occupation were handed over to the Trostyanets community of the Sumy region.

"Enjoying life: House nearby". Looking for houses that will become a home for those who lost it due to war. Prepares the existing house for a comfortable life in it. He held a competition for moving into a house in Medvynska hromada and continues active work.

We thank the Armed Forces, thanks to whose work we can work. We thank our partners and volunteers for the results we get. And thank you to the beneficiaries for your trust and love. See you in the new year!

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