About us

"Enjoying Life" supports people of respectable age. The projects of the fund are aimed at helping to cover all their needs.Enjoying lifes can receive hot lunches and certificates for medical examinations from us, attend courses and learn new professions, engage in sports and hobbies for free, receive psychological support, meet new people and build a life according to their inner guidelines.

"Enjoying Life" is a nationwide fund, and in addition to supporting the active life of older Kyivans, we help in the social adaptation of new Kyivans aged 50+ - that's what we call those who were forced to move to Kyiv because of the war. And we also deliver humanitarian goods to the frontline and de-occupied territories - because there are many elderly people left there.

Our mission

"Enjoying Life" has been bringing love back to life since 2013. We have created and continue to promote the social trend for the involvement of people of respectable age in all social processes. We show that at any age and under any life circumstances it is possible to live a full life, to be active and modern, to be interested in new things and not to drive yourself into the limits of stereotypes.

Our values

Fullness of life. Our projects help everyone involved become happier, develop and feel part of a larger community.

Connection of generations. With our projects, we build bridges between generations, show that people of different ages can be interesting to each other.

Freedom from stereotypes. Every person at any age can live the life he wants - in all its manifestations within the limits of the law. We promote this trend in society.

Visibility. We strive for people of mature age to be visible in society, we talk about their successes and difficulties.

Effectiveness. We provide elderly people with specific, measurable help, the guide is their requests and needs.

Development of charity culture. Every person can make the world a little better every day. We are building a society where charity is considered the norm, and it can be done for pleasure.

Help together with "Enjoying Life"

If you want to do good deeds and support the culture of charity in Ukraine, write to us at happyoldcomua@gmail.com. For each business, philanthropist and volunteer, we will come up with an individual format of interaction.

Our team