Report of the fund's work for November


November was busy for each of our projects. We supported those who love life, provided help and organized various activities for them. And what was in each project, read on.

"Enjoying Life: Nearby". He handed over hygiene kits, water and clothes to the residents of the frontline areas. Supported partners on the ground. Thanks to the fuel from the "Dobropalyvo" campaign, they were able to support partners in evacuating people from shelling and in delivering aid.

"Enjoying Life: Lunch". Feeds about 1,500 Ba and Di in Kyiv with delicious lunches every day. In addition, partners help to please them with frozen meals that can be prepared at home.

"Enjoying life: space for senior". Organized 54 events for 1,000 seniors. Among them: yoga, dancing, theatrical trainings, lectures. With partners, he launched two groups for learning English.

"Enjoying Life: Work". Career intensive continues. Started a series of seminars and webinars on financial literacy and security with partners. Continues regular classes with psychologists and English teachers.

"Enjoying life: House nearby". Continues close cooperation with the Medvyn community so that families who were forced to lose their homes get a new home there. Received 131 applications from people to participate in the project. He is also preparing the next house for the family to live in and in the process of looking for new ones.

Agency "Enjoying Life: Modeling". Spent a record 23 shootings in November. These are sports applications, Ukrainian brands of clothing and accessories, a short meter and others.

We did a lot of good and useful things in November. And we have prepared a lot of interesting things for you for December. We thank our partners, volunteers and the Armed Forces of Ukraine for the opportunity to work and help

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