Report on the work of the fund for October


In October, we celebrated the Day of a Person of Respectable Age, pleased those who love life with gifts and important announcements. And they also did good deeds, with partners from the National Bank of Ukraine and PrivatBank, they launched the most life-loving newspaper about financial literacy for Ba and Di, received the gratitude of their wards and much more, which we tell about in the projects.

"Enjoying Life: Nearby": provided products, sweets and household goods for partners in Zaporizhzhia. They continue to deliver drinking water provided by us to the frontline towns and villages. Fuel was provided for an organization that evacuates people from areas subject to frequent shelling.

"Enjoying Life: Lunch": on the Day of a person of a respectable age, delicious food sets and sets with household goods were distributed to those who love life. Restaurant partners continue to join the project - everything to feed Ba and Di with delicious dinners.

"Enjoying Life: Modeling": 16 shootings were held this month. Most of them are for clothing brands, and also for accessory brands, and a clip of a famous artist. In addition, our agency already has regular customers, including a popular sports application.

"Enjoying Life: Work": launched the career intensive "Trudolyub Academy", which will help people over 50 to start a new career. He organizes regular thematic workshops on employment, as well as psychological trainings, English lessons, and the beloved "Terevenky of hard-working people".

"Enjoying life: space for senior": it has been fully operational for a month, and we can see how much our wards like it there, with what desire they attend all activities. Classes include: HADU, yoga, pilates, meetings with a psychologist, theatrical trainings, bachata. Lovers of life are very happy that a platform for activities and meetings has appeared again.

"Enjoying life: House nearby": launched an important project that enables people to start a new life. The first family has already received a house and is adapting to the new place. We are currently looking for a family doctor in a community in the Kyiv region for a house that is waiting for her.

We value our wards and the feedback they give us. And we think it is important to share this with our SuperGrandchildren and partners. Because all this happens thanks to our cooperation and desire to help.

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