Fund work report for August


August turned out to be the hottest month of summer in every sense - our team's work is boiling. Some projects are actively working and helping their wards, some are preparing activities for the near future, some projects are undergoing transformations in every sense. What happened in August? Let's watch.

"Enjoying Life: Lunch". They opened a small house in the Solomyansk district of Kyiv, and now they can delight even more Ba and Di with delicious dinners. Old and new partners are returning to the project - we are proud!

"Enjoying Life: Nearby". The communities made two trips to the Kherson region — to Kalynivsk and Novoraisk, where 550 food and hygiene kits were delivered. Also, 294 kits were handed over to Bilozersk community of Kherson region. We provided our partners in Zaporizhzhia with almost 22 tons of drinking water and baby carriages and everything necessary for the little ones - hugs!

IDP support center "Enjoying Life: Care". In August, he announced the termination of work, however, this month 1,050 new residents of Kyiv received help and another 270 attended activities for which they received certificates - we love it!

"Enjoying Life: Work". After graduation, hard-working people conduct tours, become promoters. The project regularly conducts classes with a psychologist, English speaking club and employs boys and girls in cool companies - we love it!

"Enjoying Life: Modeling" Agency. In August, the models took part in as many as 17 shootings for sports applications of various brands and companies. And also filming a social video and a clip of a famous artist. After the last post about the project, we were approached by many teams looking for models for provocative shoots - we are excited!

We thank the military for the fact that we have the opportunity to work and help, we remember every hero.

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