Work results. March


March is not only the beginning of spring. It is always also a surge of strength for everyone. "Enjoying Life" felt this and bursts into April with very cool March results

  "Enjoying Life: Nearby." The project, which grew out of the Humanitarian Hub, has already made two aid trips to the Kherson region. The first trip took place with the partner FRIDA Ukraine to Novoraysk and the Red Lighthouse. In the second trip, "Life is near" brought humanitarian aid to people in the de-occupied part of Kherson region: Kalinivske, Kranolyubetske and Novopoltavka. The project also handed over food products and things to our partners in Zaporizhzhia and Kharkiv. Medical supplies for partners in Odesa and equipment in Dnipropetrovsk region.

  "Enjoying Life: Lunch". We launched a cool initiative "Week of Open People" - in the first weeks, 12 cool and open companies have already volunteered and joined the SuperGrandchildren family. And we also launched a very important collection for Easter baskets for Ba and Di, so that they could feel our support and care for the holiday. If you also want to help, follow the links in the comments.

  Support center for IDPs "Enjoying Life: Care". In March, we helped 4,500 people with help from dishes to certificates for various services. And at the end of the month, we opened a new registration form for receiving assistance, where thousands of people have already registered. Certificates of the "Taste of Life" project were received by 8,986 migrants, of whom 3,800 received them in March.

  "Enjoying Life: Work". The therapeutic group "Emotional Intelligence" was launched. Organized weekly Excel classes for hardworking people. Five hard-working people were given the opportunity to study at a foreign language school. Online Ukrainian classes are in great demand among hardworking people. And they also held a lecture "Road map in IT" and "Terevenky with a hard worker". By the way, they watched a movie on the second one

  "Enjoying Life: Modeling". 15 models of the agency took part in as many as 12 shootings. Our models took photos for the brands Marymax, Levens, starred in the music video of the band "Tsiferblat", the Levs show on a jeep on YouTube. And all this is not only in Kyiv, but also in London.

Looking back on this month, we can safely say that everything happened exactly as we planned it in February. We've really stormed into spring and we're not going to let up. We thank the Armed Forces of Ukraine for the fact that we are able to do this work and help more. To all partners, volunteers, SuperGrandchildren, we thank you for walking with us at this crazy pace and not losing it for a moment. The result of March is ours and yours

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