Report on the work of the fund for September


September for "Enjoying Life" seemed expectedly hot, just like the weather outside the window. It was a very fruitful period, because we were preparing a lot of new and cool things for the wards of the fund. Looking back on this month, we want to say that we are very proud of the work of the team, volunteers and partners. Well, now to the results.

"Enjoying Life: Nearby" continues to support people in the frontline areas. About 1,000 humanitarian kits were delivered and distributed to people in Malia Oleksandrivka, Kherson region. And to the Kherson hospital - a ton of medicines from our partners - enough to cover the needs of patients for several months.
Through partners, water was delivered for Zaporizhzhia, Dnipropetrovsk and Kharkiv regions, and 200 hygiene kits were delivered to Yampil in Donetsk region.

"Enjoying Life: Lunch" this month, Ba and Di distributed 23,500 portions of delicious lunches. A new partner restaurant joined this result. The project team has already prepared to congratulate those who love life on the Day of the Elderly.

For "Enjoying Life: Modeling", September became a record for the number of shootings. There were 18 of them, and among them: a jewelry brand, a clothing and cosmetics brand, as well as video clips of artists and social videos. If you see spectacular life-lovers in your favorite brand's photo, know that it's ours.

"Enjoying Life: Work" supports its boys and girls through classes with psychologists in various formats (training, individual consultations, PSY game) and helps them develop new skills. A one-day intensive communication course was held, and the boys and girls continue to study English regularly.

We thank the hardworking people who are open to knowledge and the speakers who are ready to hold events in their free time. In addition, we are happy with the large number of vacancies for hard-working people and urge businesses not to stop looking for experienced people in their teams.

We do not have enough words to describe how much more work is being done by the team and soon we will share some of its results. Therefore, we advise you to follow us in October and all the following months. Can't wait to tell you everything

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