Report of the fund's work for April


In April, we united with you and were able to present a holiday to those who love life. We continue to admire all the organizations, businesses, volunteers, and people who donate and unite to support those in need. In general, you and I had a lot of cool things happen in April. If our concern is translated into money, then almost 8,000,000 hryvnias will be obtained. Let's see what's there?

"Enjoying Life: Lunch". In general, April can be declared the month of this project. We completed the "Open People's Week" campaign, which turned out not to be a week, but a whole month and united more than 20 companies around the project's yellow houses. And you and I jointly bought and distributed 1,500 Easter sets for Ba and Di.

IDP support center "Enjoying Life: Care". 1,120 people received clothes and shoes, hygiene products and household chemicals, and animal feed. We regularly provide visitors of the center with certificates for sports events, appointments with doctors and creative activities. And on the eve of Easter, we pleased people with festive sets.

"Enjoying Life: Work". We regularly hold events for those who love life: courses on learning Excel and the Ukrainian language and "Terevenky for hard-working people". Together with our partners, we teach 5 hardworking people on English courses. In addition, the project is actively preparing for the fifth "Week of adult interns" and is looking for partners who are ready to take a hardworking person on an internship

"LEnjoying Life: Nearby" In April, food kits and water were handed over to the residents of the Kharkiv region through the partners of "City X". We made a humanitarian trip with our partner to Mykolaivka and Lyman in the Donetsk region - we provided 300 people with food and hygiene kits, and our partner with medical services.

"Enjoying Life: Modeling". Girls and boys took part in social and commercial shootings. Last month we wrote about Lyuba, who starred in the YouTube show "Lions on a Jeep", we are ready to give you a link to the release, but it will be a little later.

April turned out to be a very busy month. We did it together with you, united for those who need it. But we would not be able to help if it were not for the Armed Forces. Thank you for enabling us to do good and bringing victory closer.

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