Fund work report in July


July for "Enjoying Life" is a month of preparation for cool announcements and at the same time rest for the team. Because cool is created only from the resource, so we continue to implement projects, create initiatives and prepare a lot of interesting things for you in this and the following months. But what was interesting in July? Let's see:

"Enjoying Life: Nearby." The project delivered food and hygiene kits, water, sanitary diapers and diapers to people in Kherson, Zaporizhzhia, and Dnipropetrovsk regions together with local partners and volunteers. It is possible to help more effectively together.

IDP support center "Enjoying Life: Care". It continues to be a reliable support for new residents of Kyiv, where they can get not only things and essential goods, but also the opportunity to visit doctors, sports training, group classes with psychologists and tours of the city free of charge.

"Enjoying Life: Work". This month, hardworking people worked with psychologists, learned how to create a cover letter, and started participating in the English speaking club. In addition, seven hard-working people became digitizers at special counters in the supermarket chain, and for the second month the hard-working people are training to become tour guides in a well-known art space.

"Enjoying Life: Modeling". Our models are proof that there are no limits to perfection - they not only worked fruitfully on the shooting, but also learned something new at the posing master class. Be sure to order a shoot to see the professionalism of our girls and boys.

"Enjoying Life: Lunch". Continues to feed Kyiv's Ba and Di with delicious dinners, in addition to delighting lovers of life with household chemicals. In addition, the team has been preparing for the opening of the new house all month, so from the fourth of August, Ba and Di of the Solomyan district will enjoy dinners from partner restaurants

Thank you to all the military for the fact that we can work to help and support everyone who needs it. Thank you to all partners and great-grandchildren and wards for the trust - you are the best.

And we continue to work to implement new and important activities. So watch it, it will be very interesting.

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