“Enjoyinglife” joined the Unified Coordination Center under the Kyiv City State Administration


The Charity Foundation “Enjoyinglife” joined the Unified Coordination Center under the Kyiv City State Administration. The foundation team will be responsible for helping elderly during the quarantine.

The establishment of the Unified Coordination Center was initiated by the foundation jointly with the Kyiv City State Administration, business, charitable and public organizations to help vulnerable groups during a pandemic.

In a few days CF “Enjoyinglife” along with the MacPaw and Playtika teams have purchased and packaged 2,000 and 350 grocery sets at a total cost of more than 500,000 UAH which will be sent to the wards of the foundation — elderly who must be at home during the quarantine. In addition, 390 of these food packages will be distributed to children with disabilities living only with their mother.

Each month in partnership with the United Coordination Center the NOVUS supermarkets will provide 10,000 essential items sets up to the end of quarantine.

Uklon and Novaya Poshta are responsible for logistics and delivery, and the Lekhim group of pharmaceutical companies is entrusted with the safety of volunteers and social workers —  they provided the necessary amount of antiseptics. Furthermore, thanks to social activist Daria Solnechna volunteers will also receive 20,000 masks.

“Neither the country, nor business, nor philanthropists expected a pandemic. But now we are consolidating our forces. In general, within a month we are planning to help 12 350 people of Kyiv. 60+ people are the most vulnerable audience for the virus. The older the person is, the more dangerous may be the consequences of the disease.

That is why both the WHO and the team of the Enjoinglife Foundation strongly advise to minimize the number of social contacts and self-isolate —  this will significantly help to prevent the spread of the virus and to save our wards-lifelovers, ” — said Tina Mikhailovskaya, Co-founder and Gead of the Charity Foundation “Enjoyinglife”.

All deliveries of food packages, medicines and essentials will be carried out in a centralized way in coordination with local authorities through the territorial social services centers of Kyiv.

Small and medium-sized businesses despite the working conditions also joined the initiative of the Enjoyinglife Foundation and offered their help.

Cafe Alltrueeast and Tiger Kyiv have entered the “Grandma and Grandpa” position on their delivery menu and all of donations will be transferred to the fund, as well as River Port, Spelaya Kanareyka and NRJ radio who organize free online concerts and broadcasts in support of Enjoyinglife Foundation.

How can you help?

1. Donation: SuperOnuki platform:

2. You can also become a car AutoOnuk and help with the delivery of things, medicines and essentials grannies and grandpas, who now need to stay at home.

To participate, you must fill out a Google form:

3. Posters that you can print and hang in your doorway to help the grandparents of your neighborhood during the quarantine.

Download link:

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