Work results. January


The first month of the year flew by so quickly that we didn't even have time to wake up when we were already summing up its results. "Enjoying Life" managed everything this month: to go on vacation to regain strength, and to provide help, despite all the worries and turning off the lights. But about everything in turn

  The Humanitarian Hub delivered aid to seven settlements in five regions of Ukraine. More than 1,500 people in Dnipropetrovsk, Kharkiv, Kherson, Kyiv and Zaporizhia regions received it.

  "Enjoying Life: Lunch" continues to feed Ba and Di in seven houses in Kyiv. Thanks to our SuperGrandchildren and the support of active companies, we were able to please life-lovers not only with delicious lunches, but also with additional goodies: fruits, marshmallows, honey, cookies, etc. Last weekend, our students had a delicious breakfast at the "100 years ago forward" restaurant.

  The "Enjoying Life: Care" center continues to develop and this month opened electronic registration for receiving humanitarian aid. Immigrants leave the Center with clothes, products for themselves and their four-legged friends, certificates for free services and master classes, and most importantly, with smiles on their faces.

  "Enjoying Life: Work" held three super useful events with incredible speakers in the coolest locations in Kyiv. Expert friends of the project regularly hold consultations with 14 displaced persons. And Trudolyuba managers help them find a new job and actively prepare events for you for the next month.

  January is always difficult for the creative sphere, but not for the "Enjoying Life: Modeling". During this month, they held 2 photo sessions, the models starred in the new clip of the band "Tsiferblat" and had a video shoot for a sports application. And the agency has a new model - Anke - she is a Romanian who has been living in Ukraine for some time.

During this month, "Enjoying Life" showed great results. In the next, we will do everything to make the wards of the fund even more willing to love life and enjoy it. Thank you for what is and what will be, to you - our partners, volunteers and lovers of life​​​​​​

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