The grand opening of the second season of the work of the Cinema Garden



May 29, the grand opening of the second season in the Cinema Garden took place!


We thank the SuperGrandchildren who helped make this day magical!

  • PROFI - equipment for events and personally Gusarov Eugene for supercool sound
  • Morshinska - for the most delicious water
  • Star Burger - for having delighted our lifelovers with ice burger ice-cream this hot day
  • Tatyana Okhrimenko and Fresh Box for fruit salads
  • TopGuard Security - for security


Our super-presenters for  incredible atmosphere:

  • Natalia Garipova
  • Sergey Luschik

Artists for sincere performance:

  • Duet Ardor Fuerte (Guitar Center "Ardor Fuerte")
  • Sea Juan
  • Vera Kekelia
  • Leva Karova (Leva Karova)


Gratitude to the MMD film company for the opportunity to watch the movie "Just getting started" on the big screen!


Thanks for the photo:


Thank you all, all SuperGrandchildren, who were involved in the holiday for the happy smiles and enthusiastic eyes of Lifelovers.


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