Results of work. June


June in the Enjoying Life Foundation: the results of the work for the month

With the outbreak of the war, the Enjoying Life Foundation expanded its scope of activities and now helps people who have suffered due to the russian war in Ukraine. And in addition to the elderly, we help people in the affected regions, near the collision line, and people who were forced to leave their homes.

During June we:

  • transferred humanitarian aid with food, medicines, and hygiene products to 9 regions of Ukraine as part of the "Humanitarian Hub" direction
  • provided fuel for humanitarian and evacuation routes
  • handed over vital medicines - insulin, from our partners
  • continued to cook hot meals for 2,000 older people at 8 points of the “Lunch Without Troubles” project in Kyiv
  • Together with volunteers, we targeted single older people in Kyiv and everyone who needs it through the Hello Neighbor chat and regular volunteers of the Foundation

  • provided humanitarian assistance with clothes, household goods, and children's things for IDPs at the "Life Lover Cares" center in Kyiv

  • organized 127 entertainment and sports activities for life-lovers and people who were forced to move to Kyiv as part of the Beavers of Kindness project t

  • together with partners, organized access to medical consultations and examinations for 203 people, among whom were life-lovers and IDPs

  • attracted adult models for shooting not only in Ukraine but also abroad

And here are the results of the accumulated work of the Foundation, thanks to the participation of the organization's team, partners, and volunteers:

  • Provided assistance in the amount of UAH 7,970,000
  • We purchased fuel for the delivery of humanitarian aid and the evacuation of people from hot spots for UAH 838,000
  • Delivered humanitarian aid to 9 regions of Ukraine and provided assistance in 22 settlements.
  • In Kyiv alone, the Foundation, together with volunteers, helped 4,600 people with humanitarian aid, services, and activities
  • A total of 1190 volunteers have joined all the projects of the Foundation
  • Volunteers dedicated 2820 hours of their time to help

    Models of our agency "Lifelover" took part in 6 shootings, because there is always a place for beauty.

All these results make us closer to our common victory!

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