Results of work for May


First of all, we want to thank the Armed Forces of Ukraine for the fact that today we can report to you about what we did in May. Let's go today without long introductions: we've done a lot, details below.

"Enjoying Life: Lunch". Together with our partners, we provided 25,760 portions of delicious lunches for the Ba and Di of Kyiv. In May, Momenty, TobiTreba and Chornomorka joined the SuperNuk team. And, of course, we delighted Ba and Di with deliciousness from our partners.

IDP support center "Enjoying Life: Care". He celebrated a year of work in mid-May, let's congratulate him once again! In addition to regular support of new residents of Kyiv with necessary things, a medical marathon was organized, during which people received 263 doctor's consultations. And thanks to partners, they have the opportunity to undergo consultations and examinations of doctors, do sports, walking and hippotherapy, and the children attended art therapy, jumping, and creative workshops.

"Enjoying Life: Work". "Adult Trainee Week" was launched, a long-awaited and much-needed promotion thanks to which hardworking people master the specialties: hr manager, cook, internet marketer, smm manager, it tester, bartender. Currently, 16 hard-working people are undergoing training, and two of them have already received a job. At the same time, hard workers continue to learn new skills together with project experts.

"Enjoying Life: Nearby" Food and hygiene kits were handed over to a partner for delivery to the de-occupied villages of the Donetsk region. We sent baby food to our partners in Zaporizhzhia. We also shipped clothes, baby food and drinking water for our partner in Kharkiv. In addition, the team is preparing for the next trips: we are purchasing and forming food and hygiene kits.

"Enjoying Life: Modeling". The models worked tirelessly: they had 12 shootings, 8 of them for clothing and cosmetics brands. Took part in the filming of a video for Kyiv Day by NAMELAKA, another edition of Lions on a Jeep, and in a video for the presentation of the Diya.Osvita platform.

All our results are a direct consequence of the fruitful work of us and volunteers. We thank SuperNuk, partners and our beneficiaries for their trust. And once again, we thank the Armed Forces of Ukraine for the opportunity to do our work

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