Results of work. September


Autumn, as usual, started in the Enjoying Life Foundation actively. In September, having crossed the 200+ day war mark, we continued to help seniors and people who were forced to leave their homes; we continued sorting, packing, and delivering humanitarian aid to different parts of Ukraine.

  • In just one month, our humanitarian hub delivered 36,000 tons of food, medicine, and basic necessities to the de-occupied and frontline areas, where many senior people continue to live, as well as families in need of help. As part of the trips, we visited 18 settlements, including Izyum and Balaklia
  • We feed 1700 GrandMas and GrandPas with nutritious and tasty lunches in Kyiv and Zaporizhzhia in the project Lunch without Troubles
  • As part of the Beavers of Kindness project, we continue to do sports, attend movies and master classes with our Life Lovers and IDPs
  • Together with the volunteers of "Hello, Neighbor", we processed more than 900 requests for targeted assistance in Kyiv for our wards. 5,500 IDPs received assistance from the Foundation and volunteers.
  • The Models Agency of Enjoying Life Foundation continues to prove that beauty is beyond age: 8 models took part in the shooting

Thank you, SuperGrandchildren, for supporting the foundation, GrandMas and GrandPas and IDPs. We are proud of each of you, especially proud that there are more and more older people among the volunteers

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