Results of the fund's work in June


The beginning of summer, which we have been waiting for so long, turned out to be difficult emotionally and physically. But at the same time, it found a place for the joy and smiles of our lovers of life. Summing up the results of June, we thank everyone involved for the good things we managed to do together - our beloved SuperGrandchildren, partners and those who take the risk and bring aid to the places where the Russians have committed yet another disaster. And now more about the June results:

"Lunch without problems". In June, Ba and Dee received 22,450 lunches and delicious jams. New restaurant friends appeared in the project, and some permanent partners increased the volume of dinners. Follow "Dinner without problems" - the team is preparing an important announcement.

Support center for IDPs "Life cares". 1,217 new residents of Kyiv received help at the center - clothes, hygiene products, textiles for the home. And another 417 guests of the center attended medical, psychological and entertainment events. Art therapy group for children and psychotherapy group for adults started working.

Hardworking Adult Intern Week, which began in May, grew into Adult Intern Month. 32 companies joined the project, some of them offered permanent jobs to the interns. But that's not all! In June, hard-working people took part in psychological training, trivia and the MAK game.

"Love of life is nearby". The project team, volunteers and partners delivered 45 tons of aid to Khersonsk, Kharkivsk, Dnipropetrovsk and Zaporizhzhya regions.

After the explosion of the Kakhovskaya HPP, we delivered aid to the Kherson region (food, hygiene products, water, clothes, mattresses, boats), and also supported with fuel 12 organizations and initiatives that evacuated people and animals, delivered aid.

Agency of adult models "Zhyttelyub". Our models, as always, inspire with their beauty and attitude to life. In June, 15 adult models took part in 14 shootings. These were photoshoots for clothing brands, handkerchiefs, as well as shooting for fitness apps, a hardware store, and a makeup video tutorial.

"Love of life" always stays in touch. Our hotline received about 200 phone calls in June, and we cannot even count how many messages there were in social networks and in the mail. We thank all of you for your trust and, of course, we thank the Armed Forces of Ukraine for making all this possible.

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