The result of the work. February


It's the start of a new month, so it's time to tell you what we did in February. Spoiler - a lot of everything. And first of all, we are grateful to the Armed Forces of Ukraine for the fact that we had the opportunity to do good deeds and work on the creation of cool projects and initiatives. Well, now about what we have been doing all month

  "Enjoying Life: Lunch" confessed their love for Ba and Dee in February: they organized a festive distribution of lunches on February 14 with gifts from partners Delicia and Henkel, Midgard. And, of course, delicious valentines from project volunteers — cookies with wings and sausage hearts. And by the way, little pleasures for Ba and Di happen not only on holidays.

  The Support Center for IDPs "Enjoying Life: Care" gives people not only the most necessary goods, but also certificates for sports and creative activities from our partners. The fairies of the space are constantly working to improve it for the comfort of visitors.

  "Taste of life" - thousands of people used certificates for dining at the restaurant and had the opportunity to spend pleasant time with friends and family.

  "Enjoying Life: Work" held three cool events in different locations of Kyiv: workshops "How to correctly present your experience in a resume, "Effective sources of job search and interview features during the war" and a master class on creating presentations. Two hardworking people are already working, thanks to the efforts of everyone involved in the project.

  The models of the "Enjoying Life: Modeling" conducted seven photo and video shoots, including a creative shoot of the agency until February 14 and a shoot in a special project for the PROSTOR YouTube channel.

  Together with partners, the "Enjoying Life: Nearby" provided people in the Kharkiv region with burzouks. Every day, the hub does things that are not mentioned in the reports, but without which system assistance is impossible: it ships assistance, replenishes storage, organizes logistics.

Despite the sometimes difficult winter, we managed to do a lot of cool things, which we are proud of. And most importantly, start preparing a lot of inspiring things for spring, which we are very happy about!​

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