100 days closer to victory


100 days ago, we all woke up from explosions and did not know what to do next. 100 days ago, the life of each of us changed dramatically. Some have lost loved ones, some have lost their home, and some have spent weeks on their way to safety, trying to calm their own heartbeats and take care of seniors, the children, and animals that were nearby.

The Enjoying Life Foundation has also changed in these 100 days. Back on February 23, we were making plans on how to overcome ageism in Ukraine and show that people of the third age can live a fulfilling life. Over the past 100 days, we have become a hub that does everything it can to help those affected by the war. We have created new projects and want to tell you what we managed to do during these three and a half months.

What we managed to do:

  • Launched the International Humanitarian Headquarters, which receives and distributes humanitarian supplies to help victims of the war
  • Restored the project "Lunch without troubles," which daily feeds 2,500 people in Kyiv
  • Opened the " Enjoying Life Foundation Cares" Center, which helps people with IDP status in Kyiv
  • Organized the delivery of vital medicines: insulin and L-thyroxine Financed the evacuation of people from front-line settlements
  • Financed the evacuation of people from front-line settlements
  • United people who need support with those who are ready to provide it within the framework of the Beavers of Kindness project
  • Moderated the "Hello Neighbor" chat so that people receive help, and volunteers provide it to those who really need it
  • We continue the work of the Adult Models Agency and have already completed 3 shoots

Our work in numbers:

13,000,000 ₴ - the amount of funds received by the Fund from the following sources:

  • individual contributions
  • business contributions
  • donations through the "charity" section in monobank
  • help from Ukrainian diasporas
  • grant funds from international organizations
  •  donations for the foundation on the initiatives of influencers

These funds were spent on:

  • fuel
  • medicines
  • food
  • implementation of stories from the SuperOnuki platform
  • protective equipment for humanitarian cargo drivers
  • spare parts and repair of cars that deliver humanitarian cargo and evacuation flights

14 regions and 320 cities and towns where the Foundation delivered aid

More than 2000 tons of humanitarian cargo delivered

More than 2,000 volunteers help with the Foundation

44,800 hours volunteers dedicated to our projects

9607 packages of vital insulin and L-thyroxine were donated to the affected regions

48,758 liters of fuel were purchased by the Foundation and provided by partners for the delivery of humanitarian supplies

8,800 people received help by the Foundation together with volunteers in Kyiv: these are elderly people and people who were forced to leave their homes

9,630 people were evacuated with the support of the Foundation from the occupied and war-affected territories to safer regions

More than 1,200 partners among entrepreneurs, businesses and non-governmental organizations who have joined in providing assistance

All this became possible thanks to the implementation of various areas of the Fund's activities, so more about the results of each of them.


Humanitarian aid was delivered in 14 regions: Cherkasy, Zaporizhzhia, Kharkiv, Donetsk, Luhansk, Kyiv, Chernihiv, Zhytomyr, Sumy, Kherson, Mykolaiv, Poltava, Dnipropetrovsk and Poltava

320 сities and villages were provided with humanitarian aid 

More than 2,000 tons of humanitarian aid were shipped

9,630 people were evacuated from the occupied and war-affected territories to safer regions with the support of the Fund

9,607 packages of vital drugs were delivered to the affected regions.


4,551 packs of insulin

5,056 packs of L-thyroxine

48,758 liters of fuel were purchased by the Fund and provided by partners for the delivery of humanitarian goods

545 volunteers joined the work of the Humanitarian Headquarters in Kyiv and the regions

Volunteers spent 34,880 hours delivering and distributing humanitarian aid to the Headquarters

Lunch without Troubles

9 points with hot meals working in Kyiv 

250 volunteers engaged in the project, 110 of them help regularly

Volunteers have dedicated 3,232 hours to the project

2 500 people per day receive hot meals at the points for 100 days

187 000 portions of hot meals were distributed over 100 days

6 215 000 UAH Financial equivalent of help within the project

“Enjoying life foundation CARES” – a support center for people with IDP status

340 people received help at the "Enjoying life foundation Cares" Center

Among them: older people and families with children

At the Center, people received:

  • clothes
  • goods for children (baby food, toys, trolleys and carriers, etc.)
  • household goods (bed linen, towels, blankets, dishes)
  • personal hygiene products
  • hygiene products (diapers for children and adults, urological pads)
  • Food
  • haircut certificates

450 people shared things to help people with IDP status

136 volunteers help in the Center with sorting and distributing aid

Volunteers devoted 360 hours to work at the Center

UAH 568,000 - the financial equivalent of help to the Center

BEAVERS OF GOOD - the project unites everyone who is ready to help and those who need it.

5,933 people helped by volunteers together with the Foundation

220 people joined sports and entertainment activities by the Foundation's volunteers

1,152 volunteers in the project: these are the participants of the Hello Neighbor chat, permanent volunteers of the Foundation and sports coaches and guides who conduct free activities

Volunteers dedicated 6,400 hours to the project

22 tons of feed was transferred within the framework of the project, for life-loving animals in Kyiv and the region, as well as in Nikolaev and Kremenchug

38 tons of humanitarian aid from abroad were distributed by the project team


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