Marina is 59 years old and a model


Marina is 59 years old and she is a model of the "Enjoying Life: Modeling". But she had the desire to dress well and parade from an early age.

"I can't say for sure that I always dreamed of modeling," says Marina. "But as a child, I took my mother's things out of the closet, put them on, tied them up and paraded them in front of my friends and my younger brother."

Marina recalls that when she decided to change the profession of a pharmacist to a model, she began her search on the Internet. There she came across the "Enjoying Life: Modeling", and only those who lived in Kyiv were invited to her.

"Then I went to a modeling school, which I graduated in December 2021," Marina recalls. — After graduation, I wrote to the "Enjoying Life: Modeling" in the direct mail, and after some time I received a positive answer and an invitation to a meeting."

Marina shares that she really likes being in the frame, reincarnating and being different. She enjoys this process. Marina actively practices Pilates, studies English, is interested in the psychology of relationships and loves to travel.

"Never stop! Never give up! Set goals and achieve them. Do something unusual for yourself. Learn. move Live, love life and be free in your choices, - advises Marina to every lover of life and not only, because her credo is Life. Love. Freedom".